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Chongqing XQK Enterprise Co., Ltd. is a professional  international company to supply the auto parts.
Our corporation possess qualified international trade aptitude ,good credit, modern office and function, and have a shrewd group of leadership, have many skilled businessman and  worked hard staff.
Our company’s idea always follow international market, meanwhile, improve variety  and technology  of exported products  for  occupying  international  market. both of exporting amount and profit have increased for years , in benefit and management company’s position in a ranking of name is front.
Our corporation mainly imports and exports various types of commodity and Technology, selling vehicles, motorcycles and parts and accessories, machinery and  Appliance  products ,lights industry products.
Exports: various kinds of vehicles, motorcycle and parts and accessories ,all sorts of automotive engines and parts , driver’s tool ,machinery & electronics products,  household wares  and  paint brush etc.
Imports: automotive gasoline and diesel engines and necessary appurtenances ,automotive
testing equipment of  entire vehicle and assembly.
The sincerity in cooperation and faithfulness to clients is the basic rule of our corp., we commit ourselves to provide service with the concern of superior quality, reasonable price, and prompt delivery to the clients all over the world.